About us

Hard facts for lazy people:

  • Woodstock and Kai!
  • both are boys!
  • one is a dog, one is his master
  • one was born in August 2013, the other in August 1989: summerkids!
  • homebase in Bochum, Germany, but native from Bad Salzuflen, Germany!
  • one likes running, the other likes bicycling
  • crazy-running-gerbil, who thinks he would be smaller and social scientist, who likes thinking


For bookworms:

Once upon a time, not long ago, there plunked the little kai into this world. Probably it happened like this or something like that, if credit is given to the stories told.

2015 I fulfilled one of my greatest childhood dreams when obtained Woody – Woodstock. As a dog of divorced parents, he did not have a easy life, which was not pretty to watch. He was slimmed down to 25 kilograms at 60cm acromion, which is definitely too less. Still I knew it from somewhere… Oh yes: From myself! I always had a slim body, where you were able to count every single rib. But with time, feed adjustment and new feeding times, Woody has been doing well and weighs 30 kilograms now. You can look at him, that he is so alive and powerful at 4 years age now. In my case, it also levelled off more or less 😉

Woody always was kind of a hyperactive dog and psychatrists would have prescribed him kiddy coke when watching his activity.

Well, of course it decreased over time, but it’s still different to a normal, even with his adult age. He is just truly calm and quiet when he ran 30 kilometers, beeing pigged out and is tickled by his master. This shall not mean, that he is not fully stretched, but he’s just a bit more active than other dogs. Sometimes I think that he is not only smelling scents of others dogs, but also stopping on every corner to also guess the smells from flowers, trees and other plants.

Beside the weight, we do have more things in common. We both are warm types, since we never need a great blanket, even if winter is coming and much less wearing pyjamas. After a maximum of 30 minutes cuddling and snuggling with woody, he get’s so warm, that he needs to put his feet up on the cold floor to cool down. Even while beeing stressed we react same: we both can’t eat a thing and are transpiring very fast.

After this small description of Woody, myself and our things in common, I can imagine, that this reunion was kind of destiny, finding this beautiful, loyally and always happy dog as companion.

When I would describe the trend to my status quo just as I told about Woody’s progress becoming an adult and our similarites, I bet most of the diligently bookworms would have no fun with it. Therefore I will keep it rough, so you can have a small insight in my thoughts an their origin:

When I was a child and a teen, there were a couple of dreams and desires etched in my mind, as I would be able see them in front of my inner eye. I wont name all of them, because this uttering would make the irreality more real. But I can sing a song about one of the fulfilled dreams: having a dog! I always wanted a dog and I remember when a dog strayed to our home in my childhood. Me and my sister were very sad to bring him back to the nearby snack bar, where his master was living. But in June/July 2015 I fulfilled this dream on my own and never regret it!

Two desires shall be realized with this project, while parts of them came of and changed within the last years. Travel came early on my to-do list and also writing came of during the last years, but both of them did not happen, not even a little. What inhibited me? This is a part which I write about in my first book, but is also only readable between the lines. With my age of 28 now (Feb 2018) I am at a point in my life where I can say: I’ve been through things, which thrusted me more and more in the actual direction of writing while and about travels.

I hope, that this text gave you a small insight about the life of Woodstock and me. If you wish you can send me questions via e-mail, which I will try to replay asap. But be sure that I will keep very private things for myself.



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