The idea

The idea behind the story

is pretty simple but hard to realize. After one of the hardest shocks in my life, some sort of a spiritual U-turn was happening in my head. I realized, that all my hopes and wishes for the further life was just a Fata Morgana, something which I would never achieve without big changes. I made plans for the future screwing them up one after another until I had some kind of insight. Not like I have seen a prophet, but it was like something in my mind told me what to do. I always wanted to write! I wanted to write down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, angers, fears. So I began writing a book about how to find the right way. Let me say first of all: The book has not been finished at this point. But the more I wrote about how to find the own will, the own life and the own way to find it, the clearer were my thoughts about the correct words and letters.

It was like I could see the letters appear in my mind before writing them.

After some down written pages, maybe 50 or 60, more thoughts came to me about what to do next and what do to with my beautiful, child-a-like dog Woodstock. I want to see the world and also: I want him to see the world! My dream about traveling with my soulmate was destroyed by destiny, fate or a whatever-called-bullshit (non-)desire.

So now I stop dreaming and start doing.

I tried to find a way to travel without a lot of money, but with my dog. I could just tramp or hitchhike, but this wont be that adventure I want to have. I want to be kind of ‚on my own‘, but still with the possibility to meet similar thinking people I never met before, like from Facebook, this blog, couchsurfing or just by ringing the bell to ask for a piece of ground to put my tent on.

I did a lot of research 

about the correct equipment and what part of countries i can travel with Woodstock, since he could not run 20 KM in a 50°Celsius desert. Also he can’t run more than 20-30 KM a day, even if the weather is good for him, which pretty much means that i have to carry him at least half of the way per day.

This is adventure!

To carry my stuff on the bike, and food, water and other items for Woody makes me feel excited. I cant wait to start the first small journeys while still studying and working in my hometown. The first tests will be like 2-5 day journeys to get a feel for all the stuff, to train me and Woodstock; and of course, since I am not rich, I also need time to save money for all my stuff. I will also try to find Sponsors for parts of my equipment, while it will also depend on donations from my followers. For the donation gifts, just check the ‚PayPal-donation‘-button.