Contact & donation

Contact information

There are several ways to contact me and Woodstock. What i prefer is a comment or private message on Facebook Bike-Out (not published at the moment) or an E-Mail to the following Account: (preliminary E-Mail address)

Please keep in mind, that this is not my usual job. If I am busy with studying, working or while I am on the road, I might not be able to answer your questions, posts or mails in short times. But I will try to read and respond to everyone of you as fast and as good as I can. Also: please only use English or German when texting me.

Donation information

At first i want to say that i am deeply grateful for every donation! I also want to say, that I want to give something back to the donors. So if u spend more than 10€, I will send you a postcard, letter, poetry, day-description, photography, or whatever comes in my mind, depending on the donation. If I am not on the road, i rather not send a postcard but something different, like a small text or story you might like. While doing the donation, please fill in an on your own created password in the payment reference, so i can recognize you after messaging me. After the donation you just write me a message with the password, your address and if you have: maybe some preferences.

The following Button will redirect you to your PayPal account. Cheers and Thank you very much!