Bike-Out adventures

Bike-Outs are an opportunity for me to escape from daily routine and pressure and also bestowing Woody & me some sort of freetime or even vacation.

When I was younger I thought about becoming a rich and famous soccer-star in the time once I’m older. But since I realised that this won’t happen and after my teenage-years where I was acting like a Chaotic-Joe & cheeky rascal I started to think about traveling, different cultures & people and the pursuit of felicity. During my last phase of school I decided to go to Australia for having a Work & travel adventure. This happened to be so.

Sadly, I just stayed for 3 instead of previous planned 9-10 Month.

When I was back in Germany and while I was studying and living in Bielefeld where I had a fabulous time and since I’m still studying and living in Bochum the thoughts of my very first travel-experience in Australia were always present. The know-how I found about self-reliance, French chill-out-dudes, crazy Aborigini & Italiano-villages anywhere in nowhere, driving to places where you want to be and the so followed feeling of liberty and freedom shaped my future thoughts enormously. So much so that I made the decision to keep on travling to see more from the world apart from usual tourist destinations. To learn about true cultures and peoples of countries and districts.

As a result of not having enough alchemy knowledge to be able to transform stone into gold I’m limited to that what I have available now and in future times.

Woodstock who is a gift from the sky, the unsaleable piece of gold, the anchor of my temper and also the bettermost and truest friend I could ever imagine. With him at my side I will conquer the world. But not like I did in Australia. Not with a car but by bike and a trailer.

In the pages connected with this site I will report about my travels in great detail, recall them, sum up résumé and share my experiences in scripts and photographies with you and the world. Sit in on whenever we are doing minor or major journeys and watch through our eyes what we have seen. Experience through our feeling as we have learned from meetings with human & animal, culture & nature, songs & silence.

We wish you a lot of fun, maybe some flashbacks in already experienced, past & forgotten memories of yourselves and even more: Lots of entertainment, enjoyment reading and some timeouts.

You will find our adventures here:


Yours Woody & Kai